"Alpha" changes meaning with context.  In one sense it can mean "phase one"; the first generation of something new, while in another it denotes something of high grade, or superior value.  Both of these terms would accurately describe the nature of this brand.  

"Motif" implies an underlying rhythm.  By definition it means design or pattern.  It implies that there is some sort of repetition within a given body or form of visual communication that makes it something cohesive rather than just a random array of non related events.  It brings to mind the idea of some unifying element to the individual components of the subject, a "link" that bonds two or more things together as one.

 In more practical terms, ALPHAMOTIF™ is a small company in Seattle Washington.  It was established in 2014  after I (Taylor) landed in the city with the intent of furthering my career as a designer and artist.  From the humble start up of living on LEViT∆TES couch out of a suitcase with less than $400 to my name I have slowly built upon the concept of ALPHAMOTIF™ into what you see today.  Many things will change over time but one thing will not; I appreciate every single one of you helping further the progress of this concept as if you were family.

If you would like to reach out to me please leave an email! I get every last one of them and check them all night instead of sleeping.


Optionally, you can leave a voicemail by calling this number:

1 (302) 448 8653